Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Do we have time for our teachers to do this with our students?

I have been fascinated by this video ever since seeing it in a story on edutopia.org titled Deeper Learning: Highlighting Student Work. This particular story is about how we expect our students to create quality work, but do we give them the chance to learn and feel what quality work is.

The video embedded in the story shows an excellent example of how a student's classmates can give continuous feedback in and effort to help the student achieve an excellent product.  How often do we give our students the opportunity to receive constructive feedback, quality examples, and opportunities to create high quality product?

What I wonder is how has the traditional schedule, high stakes accountability, curriculum, and teaching style impacts a student's project and is this one way we can train our students to not only receive, but give good, constructive feedback? Even if a student experiences this just a couple of times a school year, the impact could be incredible.

What are your thoughts?

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