Monday, March 25, 2013


I have really been wanting to have some SOLE since watching Sugata Mitra's TED Talk. It may be because I have an eleven year old that would have a blast being part of a Self Organized Learning Environment.  

What is great about the TED Talk page is the link to the Download the SOLE Toolkit. The toolkit gives some great instructions on how to create your own SOLE at school or at home.  While reading it I really thought about how this could be tested in an after school activity or at a public library or some other gathering place.

The instructions ask for groups of 8 to 12 year olds divided up in groups of four.  These groups then have some pretty loose instructions to answer very big questions like "Why do humans breathe?" or "What is irony".  

I especially like this example from the Toolkit:
Mitra, A. (2013). SOLE: How to Bring Self-Organized Learning Environments to Your Community.
Retrieved from
I understand that there is great pressure on students, teachers and schools to perform to standardized tests and to learn standards set by their governments but there has to be a way to instill the love of learning in each child.  This process seems to give children the freedom they need to learn on their own and could prove a great opportunity to build some skills and knowledge along the way.

Your instructions:
2. Download the SOLE Toolkit
3. Email Sugata if you want to be part of the School in the Cloud Mentor Network.
4. Let me know what happens!

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