Thursday, March 28, 2013

Weekly Roundup - Week of March 25, 2013

It is a short week for me - tomorrow is Good Friday and we have the day off.  Here is my first Weekly Roundup. I hope to have a quick roundup of little things I have seen that I find interesting and think maybe you would as well.

Happy Easter - may you know peace and forgiveness

Education 3.0 - I've seen it around but haven't paid much attention to it.  This week I did. I think its a great overview of the thoughts going around the education community now.  If you haven't paid much attention to it before now, take a look. I really need to give props to the Tweep that posted it this week but I can't find it. I will do a better job of that from now on!  HERE is just one of the many sites and blog posts on the subject I Googled.

The 21-Day #TwitterGuide4Beginners Challenge - The great Carl Hooker(#mrhooker) from Eanes ISD decided he would just tweet a 21-day guide for Twitter beginners.  I had the pleasure of watching it as it went down and it was so much fun I missed most of Downton Abbey that night.  What you get is an easy guide to jump into the fresh waters of the Twitterverse.  Have fun! (DISCLAIMER: This was actually from last week but since I wasn't doing the Weekly Roundup last week I have to catch up)

Sugata Mitra - That is all.  If you don't know who is, you should. Put him on your list.

Aurasma - The most awesome cool app of the week to play with. It caused the most conversation in the office and at home about the cool factor and its purpose.  Another one to check out and play with. HERE is the link to the App Store.

The Big Bang Theory Bloopers ALL SEASONS! - Crank up the Apple TV, change the source on your big ol' flat screen and spend 38 minutes and 7 seconds laughing.  BAZINGA!!

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