Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Needing a Champion

by Lorna Franke - McCarroll Middle School, 7th Grade History

Since I can remember, I have wanted to be a teacher. Some of the main reasons for my wanting to be a teacher were actually not because of great teachers, but the teachers who were awful to me. That human connection and those bad relationships inspired me to be a teacher, because I wanted to be different than those teachers. This is my dream…to be this teacher that Rita is talking about. The teacher that kids remember, because I cared about them. Of course, I am not perfect, and I am sure there are kids who have left my class not knowing how much I loved them, but I strive to love every kid. To let them know that I am human and that I make mistakes. I want to be real with them. I want them to know that, sometimes, we learn together.

'Reshaping Learning' isn't always about amazing technology. It isn't always about amazing lessons. Sometimes, it is a connection with a kid, a relationship with a kid that makes the difference. Being the drill sergeant, like many of my teachers didn't work. It is letting kids know  that you REALLY CARE about their future success that really makes the difference.

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